Medicinal Herbology 1A

Medicinal Herbology 1 A is a course customized for our students who want to become a certified Herbalist professionally


$ 295


About The Course :

A Comprehensive online study which will educate the student  in achieving and maintaining the greatest level of health using dietary planning and supplements ,student will learn how to identify the vitamin and mineral deficiencies correlating health problems and  be able to suggest a proper supplement.


About the Instructor :

Dr Jesse R Brown ND

A native of Detroit, Michigan who after seeing his family members suffer from heart disease, cancers and a near death experience decided to convert to a healthier lifestyle while only in his teens.

after obtaining his undergraduate degree from Eastern Michigan University, Jesse started studying natural (wholistic) health methods. Since then he founded Detroit Wholistic Center in 1987 and the Wholistic Training Institute in 1999.

Dr. Brown and his staff have served over 50,000 people from all walks of life for wholistic health services such as Colon Hydrotherapy, Egyptian Hand and Foot Therapy, Iridology, Massage and Herbal Body Wraps.

He has trained people from across the U. S., Canada and the Caribbean.

A very popular speaker among professionals and lay persons, he has simple, easy and sometimes humorous ways of sharing complicated ideas into simple ones.




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